Friday, November 11, 2011

Does anyone have change for a 27?

Its late and I can not seem to fall asleep. I just finished filling out my financial aid application for school in Jan. I am beginning to become more excited about going back to school. The thought was daunting at first, but I love to learn and grow in life and school is a great place I can do that. I am going to be very busy and that will most likely make me hermit-like but I know that the people who love me will understand and occasionally kid nap me to come play with them. I still have not decided which way I want to go with my studies, but I guess that will come with time.

Change is inevitable in life. There are many changes going on right now that affect me greatly. I have found that although change can be difficult, it can also be rewarding. Finding happiness in change is the desired affect for me. I hope that as I am undergoing more changes in the up coming months that I will remember to find the joy along the way.

In reference to my last entry, I have slowed down the pace at which I go through the days. I have been allowing myself more free time and down time to do things that I enjoy, for example I have been learning to knit. Amelia is teaching me. I am currently working on a hat and 2 scarfs. I find it relaxing and a great way to keep my mind focused when I have to sit still and listen to something or someone. 3 times in the last month I have sat down with 3 different sisters and my mom and knit while we chatted about the everyday rigors of life. Laugh if you want, but I definitely see the appeal to sitting in a rocking chair in front of the fire place knitting for hours. With my hands busy at work I have the time to work though things in my mind that have been pushed aside during more intense activities. What a blessing it is to be able to relax and clear my mind of the repetitive droning I go through daily in my head, and just sit and think of the more pleasant things in life, like who am I going to set my little sister up with to scare her into dating :) (Just Kidding, you know I love you Herr Burger...L.. :) ) Honestly though, I love to relax and have not found enough time to do it in. I am glad I have slowed down a little and I am feeling better already.(except for the rapid, unexplained heart rate)

Well my alarm is going to be beckoning me to wake in a few short hours...

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